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On the day, please ensure:

  • Visitors are accompanied at all times

  • Visitors are briefed on confidentiality and  infection prevention (please send the guidance below)
  • Any incidents arising from the visit are reported to the communications team (ext 64625) as soon as possible

Infection Prevention and Control

This is a list regarding the infection prevention and control information that should be sent to visitors before they attend the Trust.

  • Please do not visit the hospital if you are unwell with cold-like symptoms or diarrhoea and vomiting symptoms.

  • Always wash your hands on the ward or use alcohol gel before and after visiting a patient in hospital, and follow advice on notices of side room doors
  • You should be bare below the elbow before entering any clinical areas - sleeves should be rolled up and any jewellery below the elbow such as rings, bracelets or watches should be removed

  • Ties should be tucked into your shirt before visiting any clinical areas

  • Please do not sit on patients’ beds, if there are no chairs available please ask a member of staff to provide you with one

  • There should be no more than two visitors at any time around the bed

  • Children visiting must be supervised all the times


  • Patients and visitors are entitled to full confidentiality. Unless specific written and signed consent is given, information and identities should not be made public upon leaving the hospital

  • Confidential or patient identifiable information must not be captured in any photographs or filming undertaken during the visit